Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror

Edgar sets off to see his Uncle Montague, eager to hear more of the old man’s unsettling stories, troubled by the children he glimpses in the woods on the way. With each new tale, Edgar begins to realise that Uncle Montague has a sinister connection with the stories he tells – and with those shadowy children…

Throbs with sinister brilliance the Literary Review

Priestley’s Poe-like fables stand out like shining beaconsthe Guardian

Shortlisted for UKLA Book Award 2008, Calderdale Children’s Book Award 2009, North East Book Award 2009, Coventry Inspiration Book Award 2009, the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis 2011 and longlisted for the Carnegie Medal 2009

Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror is the first in the Tales of Terror series. It is illustrated throughout by David Roberts and published by Bloomsbury. It has been translated into over a dozen languages and was chosen as one of the best books ever for children aged 8 – 12 by the Guardian. It has been adapted for the theatre in the UK, Czech Republic and Germany

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