Tales of Terror from the Black Ship

A storm is raging and Cathy and Ethan are ill. They are waiting for their father to return with a doctor and are under strict instructions not to open the door of their clifftop inn to strangers. But when a mysterious sailor begs for shelter from the storm, they can’t refuse and soon become spellbound listeners to his nightmarish stories…

Spine-crawling tales – the Times

These grisly, gothic tales deserve to be read aloud – the Scotsman

Shortlisted for the Salford Children’s Book Award and the Westminster Book Award 2009, long listed for the Book Trust Teenage Prize 2009 and winner of the CPNB Vlag & Wimpel 2010

Tales of Terror from the Black Ship is the second of the Tales of Terror series. It is illustrated throughout by David Roberts and is published by Bloomsbury.


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