Mister Creecher

The bells across London have barely stopped ringing in the New Year of 1818 when Billy stumbles across a dead body – a very large dead body…

Mister Creecher is my response to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein ( a novel I first read as a teenager) and the events of my story take place within a very small section – a couple of pages – of Mary’s novel, in which she has Victor Frankenstein, his creature and his friend Henry Cleval, all coming to England. My novel imagines that the creature forms a dangerous alliance with the fifteen year old Billy, living by his wits on the streets of London. Together they travel to Oxford and then north to the wildness of the Lake District.

This exciting, affecting and bloody story is a clever tribute to an enduring classic – Financial Times

This brilliant story has a startling ending – the Big Issue

A most impressive achievement – the Guardian


Mister Creecher is published by Bloomsbury.